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    Assessing Risks

What Type of Security Bollard Do You Need?

There is a wide range of security bollards out there. Ranging from K-rated to the breakaways you see approaching an onramp. Good protection requires knowing more about the why´s and how´s of the barriers you want to use. Understanding the difference can help you to avoid accumulating huge costs or creating unnecessary congestion.

Impact protection isn't the only factor you have to consider. Perimeter barriers should protect while avoiding unwanted invonvenience and clutter for visitors. Unlike other types of barriers, such as long concrete blocks and fences, security bollards restrict vehicle access while allowing undisturbed pedestrian flow.

What are your security needs?

Security bollards create psychological and physical barriers to unauthorized entry. While planning your building safety, it is vital to assess the scope of vulnerabilities and risks. To say it another way, you have to make sure that you know what you want to protect, what you're guarding against and which areas showing highest vulnerability.

Assessing Threat Factors

Access and proximity to traffic
How close are vehicles able to get to your building or other sensitive areas? Consider onsite roads, parking lots and public streets.
The frequency and speed of nearby traffic is important too. Is your site located in a high-traffic area with vehicles moving at extreme speeds? If the answer is yes, you might me at greater risk of a nearby accident happen.

When we're looking at crash protection, we're looking to protect against vehicle collisions. It's important to consider the surrounding environment to get a sense of how a building may be threatened.

Building and Road Orientation
Another factor are building and road orientations. Look at the whereabouts and direction of nearby traffic. If it traverses alongside your building or property, you might be at risk? Does it flow directly at your storefront entrance?
Long, unobstructed direways can also increase risk, as they allow vehicles to build up more speed.

Driver Behavior
Driver behavior. What does the surrounding environment look like? Is it full of distractions and busy? Are drivers in a rush when they're around your building?

Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks can be a threat for high-profile buildings and locations such as government or financial institutes, or buildings that accommodate a large crowd of people. According to the Dubai police, only the proximity to these types of locations can also increase your risk.

Other Motivations

Crash-rated barriers provide the most secure protection, but they come at a higher price. It may sound far-fetched but vehicle ram-raids can be a reality for storefronts. Cars being driven into a jewellery storefront or bank entrance. That has happened in the UAE before. The attackers will take whatever merchandise and cash they can before driving off.

Once you've got a better idea of what you're trying to protect, it's time to put together your perimeter security plan. This plan should take into account what needs to be protected and it should distinguish what type of barriers should be used.

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