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A high security solution suitable for a variety of low to medium security sites.

uae security bollards sb2Overview
SB2 security bollards are available in both manually retractable and automatic models, both of which have been installed at high security sites all around the world. Manual SB2, with the help of a simple hand drill, can be easily raised to its maximum 762 mm (2.5 ft.) above ground, or fully retracted until it lies flush to the roadway. They offer reliable protection as well as low operating and maintenance costs.

High Security Sites

Capable of stopping a 6,800 kg (7.5t) vehicle traveling at 48 kph (30 mph).

The manually operated model can be fully operated without the need for electric power.

All steel elements of the SB2 bollards are hot dipped galvanized steel for corrosion protection and can be painted in high visibility yellow paint or other finishing’s.

The decorative pacers are available to cover the concrete foundation and can provide a more refined touch to any of your vehicle access points.

Manual Retractable, Auto Retractable

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