Top 5 Reasons to Install Sidewalk and Storefront Bollards

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Everyone has seen street bollards, but few know the urban design and security feature by name. Street bollards are the pillars or objects (sometimes quite decorative) that line sidewalks and entries to stores. In fact, street bollards have been classified under the “street furniture” umbrella, making the potential for artistic, well-designed street bollards endless. Most people do not take note of street bollards, but there’s more to these blockades than meets the eye.

Created on 9 Apr 2017

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Checklist to secure commercial properties

security checklist for commercial properties

As a supplier and installer for the crash rated and security bollards in UAE, we feel responsible for the security of every building in this region, and to address this concern, we plan to publish any information related to the security of the commercial properties like, shopping malls, banks, leisure and offices…Etc.

Created on 9 Apr 2017