HVM Bollards for Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals have been particularly concerned due to the fact that they house a number of patients who may be difficult to move if there is a security breach. One step many hospitals have taken to combat this threat is to use security bollards.

Children, seniors and people in wheelchairs are especially vulnerable in parking lots. Not only can they be less mobile, they are also less aware, and less visible, to drivers. Schools, playgrounds, senior homes, hospitals and other care centers are prime locations for effective parking lot security planning.

Hospitals frequently install security bollards in front of their entrances to prevent anyone from crashing a car or truck into the building, either in anger or by accident. The installation of expensive security measures like metal detectors near hospital entrances and the use of glass walls means there is a rising cost to prevent property damage. All this give you plenty of very good reasons why hospitals should employ HVM bollards.

Manufacturers have been working hard to create security that will meet the security needs of hospitals. K-rating system has been implemented, which calculates bollard resistance based on the size and speed of a vehicle driving towards a building, so hospitals will know what they’re getting when they invest in this security product.

Many hospitals also invest in decorative bollard covers (Sleeves) that fit over the top of basic steel bollards and improve the aesthetic appeal of the entrances.

Vehicle-borne threats range from vandalism to sophisticated, targeted attacks, the aim of installing physical security measures to protect a building is to reduce the number of causalities should an incident ever occur.
HVM Security Bollards can create stand-off which reduces the effect of blast to infrastructure quite considerably. This then reduces the number of potential causalities.

Security measures do not have to be eyesores or create an unwelcoming atmosphere, the aesthetics of security measures can be designed to fit into the existing built environment. Products can be incorporated into other necessary street furniture items such as stair handrails, lighting columns and even benches.

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