Security Bollards for Petrol Stations are mandatory in UAE

According to the National newspaper, security bollards around petrol stations are mandatory throughout the entire United Arab Emirates since July 2016.

The HVM bollards are meant to protect the petrol stations clients while they walk between the filling station, car park and the shops, restaurants and stores. Crashes and attacks in such surroundings are more common than one might thing.

Since many petrol stations are located in remote, deserted areas, if any attack or crash occurs, there is no hope for quick help as the next hospital is far away. Therefore there is a great need for HVM Security Bollards to prevent any harm to people or property.

The benefit of using HVM bollards:

  • easy installation
  • cost effective
  • more safety
  • no need for replacement in case of damage

Many of the petrol stations in the United Arab Emirates are already outfitted with safety bollards but not with the very special HVM bollards.

What is the difference between HVM bollards and normal safety bollards?
In case of an accident or attack, there is no need to replace the HVM bollard core, contrary to its less stable safety bollard. The HVM bollard was designed to withstand more than an impact caused by a normal hit. In case of a hit or damage, only the bollard cover needs to be replaced. This in turn reduces the cost and the installation time and of course there is no need for re-excavation. Replacing the bollard cover can be carried out during petrol station operational time, while replacing the whole bollard requires excavation and back filling, planning, coordination, safety measures and work permission.

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